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Since 1997, Alexander and Associates in Boise has brought our clients high-quality, boutique services first in traditional advertising, then adding specialties in public relations, Web development, social media and Internet advertising and marketing. If your business or agency needs a good Website or responsive, effective advertising and/or public relations tailored to specific needs, you’ve come to the right place.

Freaked out at social media? Our PowerPoint summarizes why or why not you should consider it. Bottom line: Social media can only amplify what people already think about you. If you offer a good product or service, do good deeds and treat your customers well, social media will reflect that. Social media are not necessary or advisable for all businesses. If we think that’s the case, we won’t rope you into services you don’t need.

The right social media mix is important. Think of it this way: LinkedIn is like the business meeting, Facebook is like the backyard barbecue, Twitter is like the cocktail party and MySpace is like the smokers in the alley. Then there’s YouTube, blogs and specialty networks. Any of these could be a good choice, or a waste of time. We help you discover what you need and how to do it.

boise public relations awards

A&A work earns national awards

Awards for our clients WashTrends magazine has honored our client Metro Express Car Wash for its social media campaign. The Western Car Wash Association also honored Metro Express, as has Modern Car Care Magazine,  with awards for its overall operations, including social media use, environmental programs and public involvement. In all, we administer the social …


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