Traditional advertising still has a place – along with social media and Internet advertising

Our full-service advertising department deals in TV, Internet, Facebook, radio, newspaper and billboards. Advertising offers important advantages to businesses, such as ability to control the placement, timing and content of the message. Sometimes, both professional public relations services and paid advertising are needed to fully achieve a client’s publicity goals. After initial consultation, we mesh your unique situation with selected market data to design a fully integrated marketing plan. We can assist business in the Boise area, as well as nationwide.

In addition to traditional public relations and social media consulting, Alexander and Associates offers a full line of advertising services, including:

Negotiation: If you’ve ever dealt with media ad representatives, you’re probably always wondering if you’re getting the best price, placement or frequency. Unless you know the inside angles, you aren’t. Your ad budget is only one factor influencing your clout with the media. We bring an insider’s knowledge to media buying and we’re able to effectively negotiate the lowest price, the most prominent placement and most frequent running of your advertisement.

Social media advertising: Facebook allows businesses to target people by age, loction, interests, hobbies, occupations and many other criteria. we can help you set up the most effective Facebook advertising campaigns.

Script writing: This script is the heart of any broadcast ad. We research, write and produce scripts for TV and radio ads, using professional voice and live actors as appropriate.

Production: This is where everything comes together, and professional production is essential for a polished ad, whether it’s newspaper, magazine, television or radio. We handle print graphic design in house, and we rely on top-tier designers for more complex projects.

Campaigns and branding: If you need a distinctive logo or slogan, we can come up with the best tag lines and concepts to get your business noticed.

Paperwork: We handle all the billing and recordkeeping and provide you with copies of the ads. We handle all billing and recordkeeping. We verify all invoices before turning them over to you.

Regular consultations: Your needs and business will change over time. We keep in regular contact to make sure you’re getting the service you need.

Researching co-op opportunities: Get help paying for your advertisement! There’s a good chance your industry has manufacturers co-op dollars to help dealers and retailers advertise. These can substantially reduce the cost of advertising, but knowing how to find these dollars and complete the documentation for reimbursement can require expertise.