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Traditional public relations is still relevant – if done correctly and if fused with social media

Some large businesses and local governments have the resources to hire full-time staff for media and public relations, giving them an important advantage in the public arena. You can have that same expertise on tap, without the overhead. In the current economic climate, the ability for a business or institution to inform the public is crucial. At the same time, hiring full-time PR expertise is expensive and unnecessary in many cases. Out-sourcing media and public relations makes sense for many businesses and institutions

These are some of the services the Public Relations division of Alexander & Associates offers. Whether you are a small business that holds occasional special events or a large institution that needs continuing exposure, we have a strategy to fit your needs:

An initial consultation: A professional news media consultant is not relevant for all businesses at all times. Some businesses may need little more than an occasional press release, while others will need a carefully crafted and managed news media plan. An initial consultation will honestly assess what you should shoot for, given the nature of your business, your goals and your budget.

The news media plan: Alexander & Associates will assess your current image, what you want it to be and how to get it there. The proprietary news media plan is a blueprint for attaining and managing your public perception goals.

Regular consultations: Chances are you’re sitting on a half-dozen good story ideas as you read this – stories that would advance your image and provide a service to the public. Regular consultations help you identify and decide how to best publicize them. We approach this as a beat reporter meets with a news source.

Monitoring of local, national and regional events: A monthly retainer ensures we will constantly monitor events and issues affecting your institution. How is that new local or federal government policy going to affect your business or industry, and what should you say about it in a news release? Effective public relations demands vigilance.

Crisis management: Stuff happens, putting you on the receiving end of potentially bad publicity. Whether you’re at fault or not often has little to do with how you’re portrayed in the press. It’s in the public interest that your message gets out accurately and completely. In a time of crisis, you need a professional to help you decide what to release, when, to whom and in what format.

News release writing: Maybe you have the PR expertise to identify those good story ideas, but you don’t have the time to write and research a news release, send it out and dog it to make sure it attracts the attention of the right person. We do.

Media packets: These are crucial if you plan on maintaining an ongoing relationship with the media. A modern media packet is your introduction to the media and contains essential background information, company history, and, where relevant, photos, CD-ROMs, etc. We can handle complete production and distribution.

Opinion pieces: Sometimes, a letter to the editor or guest opinion is the best way to address a particular issue. Or, perhaps you need to present your case to the editorial board. We bring the experience of a former editorial writer to these public relations tasks.

News conferences and media events: So many are duds. What gets the notoriously fickle media to show up? You’d be surprised.

Speeches: Whether you’re addressing a public service organization, officials or the general public, we can craft a speech to get your message across accurately and in a way that builds the image of your institution.

Strategic briefing for interviews: So you have to go on camera, or you’re meeting with a newspaper reporter tomorrow. This needn’t cause anxiety. In fact, it’s a great opportunity to advance your image, provided you prepare and run through scenarios in advance. We can put former full-time journalists in your corner to help you focus your messaging.

Comprehensive service: We work with print, radio, television, magazines, blogs, social media and Internet news outlets.

Workshops: Do your employees frequently come into contact with the news media, or have a high-profile line of work? Providing accurate, fair information to the press is in everyone’s best interest. We can provide training seminars so your employees know what to look for, what to say and how to say it following standard (and, when called for, not-so-standard) guidelines.

Political campaigns: Whether you are running for a local or state office, we can help with brochures, research, letters, speeches, etc.


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