Nov 21

Putting the hustle on a news release brings results

Sometimes putting the hustle on things gets results with traditional news media. Metro Express told us a day before they were going to host a tour of industry leaders at the Boise, Meridian and Nampa car washes. After a quick news release and some follow up, KTRV 12 came out and did a terrific story on Wednesday, Sept. 21.

Car wash owners from across the U.S. to visit local Metro Express washes Wednesday, Sept. 21
Automated, computer-controlled car wash attracts national attention in close-knit industry

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About 20 car wash moguls from across the US will tour Metro Express car washes in Boise, Nampa and Meridian on Wednesday, Sept. 21, to check out innovations at a chain known nationally as being an industry leader.

“The car wash industry is still close-knit enough to where we will still tour each others’ washes to learn about best practices,” said owner Bill Martin, a former president of the International Car Wash Association. “I am honored to host a peer group representing some of the best-known players in the industry nationally.”

Martin is being rather modest, though. His washes have won awards for his design, social media practices, environmental protection and use of technology. Martin will be giving tours to car wash operators (some of them much larger than Metro Express) from New York, Florida, and other states on Wednesday afternoon.

“Bill Martin seems to be at the forefront of all technological advances and he recently was named Innovative Operator of the Year from us,” said Bill Carbonel, a California car wash owner and president of the Western Car Wash Association. “Bill is very well known in the industry for his beautiful facilities, for his ability to reach out with social media to attract new customers and for adopting the latest practices and technology, so it is natural other operators would want to tour his washes.”

Martin has more than 40 years of experience in the industry and considers Metro Express to be the apex of the automated car wash, combining the thoroughness of a hand wash with the speed and low cost of an automated wash. His three car washes are highly computerized, with imaging software tracking the movement of each car on the property and up-to-the-minute reports on productivity accessible from his iPhone.

The City of Meridian has honored Metro Express for its water reclamation. And car wash operators aren’t the only people taking tours – in April, public works officials from throughout Idaho toured Metro Express to examine its storm water treatment methods.

Metro Express has a demonstrated commitment to local causes. Since 2010, Metro Express has raised about $11,500 for nonprofits by offering free car washes for a donation. Beneficiaries have included the Valley Crisis Center, Terry Reilly Health Services and ArtFaire Inc. The company has given away hundreds of car wash passes to nonprofits for use as door prizes and is constantly running public service announcements on its downtown Boise electronic billboards.