Every business needs a brochure – and a scrapbook, too.

These days, it seems like everybody is on Facebook and the more adventurous are on Twitter. But did you know many of the “people” on Facebook aren’t even people, but local businesses?

Even the best Web site is just a brochure with limited abilities to network and engage customers. Social media are the equivalent of a scrapbook that your fans create – with or without your participation. If your business isn’t at least taking advantage of Facebook, you’re missing out a low-cost way to build and reach your customer base.

Social media are redefining public relations, both for business and public policy use. As a full-service PR firm, Alexander and Associates maintains many Facebook pages and Twitter accounts for clients, monitoring what fans and the general public are saying about clients and engaging them to build your company’s reputation. We help you tell your story on your Facebook page, attract followers and mesh your Facebook efforts with your Web site, advertising efforts and public relations assets. Our innovative approach to social media earned a Trendsetter Award and many other awards for our clients. We can assist businesses in and around Boise, as well as nationwide.

Here are live feeds of some of the Facebook pages we maintain for clients. Please allow a few seconds for loading: