Twitter for business

Businesses of all types are using Twitter, from consumer marketing to public policy. It is most suited for businesses that sell a product or service in volume, or need to make themselves known for public policy reasons. It’s not for every business; at Alexander and Associates, we carefully weigh whether or not Twitter is right for your business and advise you accordingly.

Here are some of the Twitter accounts we manage in Boise and other states.



  1. Lorraine Ball

    Love what you have done with the Twitter wall. Was this a plug in?

    1. mjohncox

      Thanks! No, it is not a plugin. I just went to the HTML view on WordPress page edit and pasted in the code. You can pick up code at and customize the dimensions and color for each widget. Took a bit of work but it shows off a lot of what we do and serves as another external link for clients.

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